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We offer a full line of products and services for shotguns and rifles. Our products and services are tried, tested and proven above and beyond all standards. Our goal, complete satisfaction of our customers, because when it comes right down to it, our customers are our best sales team.

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All that hard work this off season is about to pay off. You didn't forget about your shotgun?

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Turkey Hunting Isn't the Same

This can be said about our shotgun services. Let us insure you have the right setup before hitting the woods.

Tubes? Forcing Cones? Let's talk


AND OF COURSE PERFECTION! Be sure you know where every last BB is going. If they stray, We fix that;)

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Our Story

Here at Rob Roberts Custom Gun Works, we have 30+ years of experience and want to help you get the ultimate gun, along with choke/load combination while keeping you as a lifetime customer of ours.

Being a company based out of Arkansas and passionate about hunting ducks, turkeys, dove, predators, deer and shooting clay targets in our off season, we want to help you achieve the highest performance of success in any of your shotgun sports’ needs.

What separates us from most choke tube companies is that not only do we produce the most outstanding choke available on the market today, but we also do all the custom gunsmithing that can turn your gun into the best it can be. Our choke tubes are designed from the ability to find out exactly what works the very best with the use of our computerized pattern analysis machine.

We have the ability to keep you in touch of what loads are shooting the best from year to year, along with what needs to be done to your gun to obtain the optimum performance to make clean kills day in and day out. The fact that we shoot almost daily, we know your gun and what it’s like in general.

Although our main business is working on shotguns and building the best choke tube available for your needs, we also have a passion for long range hunting with rifles. We can help you with any of your needs on building that new rifle or help you achieve the best results with your current rifle.

Rob Roberts Custom Gunworks is also a proud partner with Benelli USA offering Performance Shop Guns. Check out the Benelli Performance Waterfowl and Turkey Guns on their website @ Benelli USA.

We appreciate your business and want to thank you for allowing us to serve you.


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